Mindful Eating Workbook: Seven Days to Becoming a Mindful Eater (Download Version)


The Mindful Eating Workbook is available as a PDF download file for just $10 (tax included) for those wanting a self-paced approach to the Mindful Eating Challenge. This is the same workbook Haven Hypnosis & Wellness uses with every Mindful Eating client.


The Mindful Eating Workbook takes participants on a seven-day challenge, learning one new mindful eating habit changer for six days. Then on day seven, participants combine these six, easy to use tools into one new mindful eating habit. Mindful Eating has proven to be effective as a tool for weight management aligned better health goals.

This is the download-only PDF version of the Mindful Eating Workbook and is a separate purchase from the print book. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and/or print this PDF Workbook.


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