HAVEN HYPNOSIS & WELLNESS, LLC started in 2001.  This business is located in Norwalk, Ohio, with Nora Knople, BLS, BCH, as the sole owner.  Haven Hypnosis & Wellness, LLC is a faith-based hypnosis practice that subscribes to the idea of a holistic approach to helping the client with complementary care.  All clients will be treated with dignity and have their beliefs held in the highest regard to optimize the best protocol for enriched lives.

Haven Hypnosis and Wellness, LLC also offers guided imagery meditation classes, Reiki, ChakraLights, and referrals to other complementary care services. Nora Knople and Chris Knople are NOT licensed medical or mental health professionals.  All services are for the purposes of complementary care for overall wellness.  Hypnosis and other services by Haven Hypnosis & Wellness are not substitutes for adequate medical care.


Nora Knople has a BLS from Bowling Green State University and is pursuing an MA.  Nora became a certified hypnotist in 2001 through IMDHA and board certified by ICBCH in 2018.  Nora is an ordained and licensed minister by the Universalists and the State of Ohio, providing spiritual advisement, and is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher trained in Usui Reiki by Reiki Master Teacher, Donna Bretz. Using her tools as a wellness professional, Nora has created many one-of-a-kind programs to promote wellness in others including –  Paint Your Way Out (C) meditation painting program and the Emotional Detox Education (C) program. Nora is also certified in ChakraLight chromotherapy and a Stellarwaves PureWave (R) practitioner.

Chris Knople has a business degree from Bowling Green State University and works full-time in sales for an ed-tech company.  When not working his full-time job, Chris helps at Haven Hypnosis events. Chris is also a certified Reiki Master, trained in Usui Reiki by Reiki Master Teacher, Donna Bretz. Chris is in the process of training to become a certified hypnotist, specializing in hypnosis and NLP practices for positive change.

About Hypnosis

What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is engaging in a conversation with one’s subconscious mind. This is done using any number of techniques to achieve the desired goals. Such techniques include, but are not limited to suggestion hypnosis, analytical hypnosis, and cognitive hypnosis. The hypnotist induces a client into an altered state of awareness, in which the hypnotist is merely a guide, and the client is in control of his/her thoughts, emotions, and journey.


Guided imagery is a tool hypnotists use, which can also be done independently, to evoke imagery, through word, music, and more, to promote a beneficial outcome, as one works toward their healing goal. Guided imagery is as it sounds.

It engages the imagination and memory recall to aid in working through and moving beyond obstacles or to encourage a client to embrace suggestions that promote wellness. 


Haven Hypnosis & Wellness offers both group and individual hypnosis sessions.


Haven Hypnosis & Wellness offers both online and in-office hypnosis sessions, for your convenience.

About Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese healing art, similar to laying on of hands in many religions. Re – meaning of God Universal and Ki – meaning vital life force energy. It is a non-invasive spiritual wellness practice that also benefits other areas of wellness including physical, mental, emotional, social, and more.

Reiki is a complementary wellness approach in which practitioners place their hands above different areas of the body and direct the Divine energy to areas needing attention. Energy blocks impede the innate flow of energy. This can cause health issues and also create stagnant energy which can impede the flow of energy within and in various life situations such as negative self-talk, financial issues, relationship issues, and more. Energy blocks of any living being can be alleviated using Reiki, according to Reiki beliefs.  The first rule of Reiki is ‘do no harm’ – and while Reiki has numerous wellness benefits, it is not meant as a replacement for medical care.

Though there are more than 30 slightly different modalities of Reiki being practiced, the most common is the Usui method, which began its teachings in Japan in the early 1900s by Makao Usui, the founder of modern Reiki. This method came to the West via Hawaii in the 1930s to a Japanese-American woman named Hawayo Takata. Much of her teachings are intertwined with Usui’s teachings today. All Reiki practitioners trained at Haven Hypnosis, including myself, are trained in the Usui method.

About Chromotherapy


The ChakraLight chromotherapy used at Haven Hypnosis & Wellness is truly one-of-a-kind and promotes an abundance of wellness benefits. This non-invasive PureWave® Technology is currently the highest in-demand energy healing tool treatment in the market. It is almost 100 times more powerful than any other energy healing technique and delivers using LED technology, perfect for this time and age. It is going to revolutionize how healing is done. We use real, natural quartz, hand-cut as Vogel crystals, in tandem with our own PureWave® LED Light Technology. Nora Knople is certified in color therapy and color light therapy.

ChakraLight sessions have proven to aid clients in achieving wellness. Some of the noted results from sessions include:


1. Improves blood circulation and cell metabolism
2. Reduces pain and strengthens the immune system
3. Helps relieve insomnia
3. Eases inflammation and stiffness
4. Helps alleviate stress, improve mood, and provide a sense of well-being
5. Helps rejuvenate and revitalize the body’s cells, tissues, and systems
6. Counteracts the effects of static energy and EMF radiation
7. Provides relief from symptoms of acute or chronic illness
8. Photon therapy stimulates acupressure points to remove blockages
9. Photon therapy helps correct imbalances in bio-magnetic energy

Common medical conditions said to be aided by using our ChakraLight services:

1. Stress and tension
2. Poor blood circulation
3. Back pain or muscle stiffness
4. Migraine or tension headaches
5. Anxiousness and feelings of depression
6. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
7. Symptoms of chronic illnesses