Unscripted Energy is a weekly podcast by Nora Knople and Pat Jones. Nora and Pat both work in the field of energy work – Pat being a Qigong teacher. The podcast is set on the premise of how words affect us energetically. Each week the ladies pick a word at random and discuss it from an energetic life perspective. It is wildly entertaining, lots of fun, and often healing, too.

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Unscripted Energy | Podcast on Spotify

Divine Dragonfly is a podcast by Nora Knople. The views and thoughts on Divine Dragonfly are not that of the co-hosts of Unscripted Energy. Divine Dragonfly features topics from the complementary care and healing energy field such as: hypnosis, reiki, qigong, energy medicine, mindfulness, meditation, and other personal development topics.

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Divine Dragonfly | Podcast on Spotify