Hygge Day Retreat

New in 2022, the Hygge Retreat is a day-long retreat offered by Haven Hypnosis & Wellness, centered on an assortment of activities to entice the mind and spirit. 

The Hygge Retreat is centered on these principles: silence, solitude, and spiritual assessment. The first half of the retreat is spent in silence, doing mindful exploration.

The idea of the Hygge Retreat is to allow participants a safe space to explore their yearning to learn more about themselves while learning to arrange the parts of the self in an order which is more pleasing to living simply, and also holistically.  In other words, prioritize yourself and what matters most in your life.

We look forward to seeing our participants at the Hygge Retreats in 2022. Locations and dates will vary.

Hygge Retreats are tailor-made to meet your group’s needs. Pricing starts at $220 per person and are typically 4-6 hours in length, and includes light meals/snacks.

Want to host your own Hygge Retreat led by Nora Knople?  Contact Haven Hypnosis & Wellness for more information.


Mindful Eating Workshops – January 2022

Based on the popular book by Haven Hypnosis & Wellness’s own Nora Knople, participants take time for inner-reflection through a series of fun, interactive processes, thus learning about their eating habits, while learning better eating habits.

The Mindful Eating Workshops take you on a deeper dive into the principles of the 2020 book and help you not only build a better eating habit but also help you understand yourself and your relationship to food/drink.

Pricing for Mindful Eating Workshop is $155 per person and includes the popular Mindful Eating Workbook.




Corporate Wellness Days

Haven Hypnosis & Wellness offers corporate wellness days, both onsite and online. 

The world of corporate wellness is a growing field. Many corporations around the world understand and utilize the benefits of corporate wellness days. These wellness days are not only instrumental in helping employees strive for optimal wellness, they also serve as action plans for human resources to implement a healthy work environment. In doing so, many corporations can find additional benefits from lowered insurance costs, and much more.

Haven Hypnosis & Wellness can structure a plan for any size business. We offer such services as meditation, stress management, pain management, reiki, and hypnosis – including hypnosis for smoking cessation and weight management. 

Smoking cessation hypnosis provides short-term and long-term returns on investments for corporations, saving them on average over $3000 per employee who engages in and successfully completes smoking cessation sessions.

With plans starting as low as $150 per employee, per year. Each event lasts apx. 2-3 hours, depending on requested services. It is easy to see how Corporate Wellness Days are a smart investment with an immediate return.

Call today to request a quote for a Haven Hypnosis & Wellness Corporate Wellness Day for your business.