Faces of War

There are many faces of war. Some are the ones that leave to fight in other countries. Some are the ones that stay here and protect us from another attack. Some are the ones that have served in wars past that lived to tell the tales of their journeys. Some are the ones for whom we serve; us here, people of this nation and those who we serve abroad. Then there are these faces of war. The tear-stained anguished faces of the ones who will have only faces in pictures to remind them what the war cost them.This is dedicated to all of the faces.

Rev. Nora Knople, C. Ht.


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Christmas Trees at Lowe’s

No such thing…LOWE’s refuses to call them Christmas trees. They are Family trees.As Christians we should stand up and stop allowing people to take Christ out of Christmas! HE is the REASON we celebrate WITH our families! HE is the head of our family!If you want to call them Family trees, that’s fine! But to me its still a CHRISTmas tree. CHRISTmas has been celebrated for MANY years, SInce when did we become so sensative as a nation? When did CHRISTmas start to offend others? I do not baulk at the people who tell me they do not believe in Christ or celebrate CHRISTmas. To each his own! I am not offended. Nor am I offended by the any other religion or its practice there of. But I can make a choice. I can choose to accept that Jewish people, African people, Asian people, Muslim people, Israelite people and other nations not mentioned here EXIST, as do CHRISTIANS. As Americans, as Chinese, and CHRISTIANS are in many many other countries too! So why be offended by every thing in life? Why not accept that some things just ARE?

Are you going to now tell the Jewish that, well, that thing you use to hold your candles is now just that…a candleholder! NO! Why? Because EVERY group in the world would stand in defense of the Jewish and tell the world it is more than a candleholder with meaning and emotion and passion for the beliefs the Jewish people hold. It is not a candleholder, it’s a Menorah. And its a Christmas tree, not a family tree!

GOD BLESS you all!