1st – FREE Hypnosis Session – COVID-19 Anxiety

With a big thanks to our friends at www.hypnoticworld.com – this resource was created to help people overcome the challenges of living inside this pandemic.

As always, Haven Hypnosis & Wellness is here to answer the call and help however we can. Through online resources shared to help ease minds and provide comfort, to offering referrals for other resources, we promise to continue to help you live the lives you deserve, in spite of the uncertainty.

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2nd – FREE Hypnosis Session: Release & Relax

This resource was created to help people overcome the challenges of life’s frustrations.

As always, Haven Hypnosis & Wellness is here to answer the call and help however we can. Through online resources shared to help ease minds and provide comfort, to offering referrals for other resources, we promise to continue to help you live the lives you deserve, in spite of the life’s frustrations.

Please use the link below to access this Release & Relax hypnosis session, courtesy of Haven Hypnosis & Wellness.

Be well. <3

By clicking the link below, you are assuming responsibility and agreeing to be hypnotized for purposes listed above. Haven Hypnosis, Hypnotic World and their subsidiaries are free of liability from listening to said recording.

Click here to listen: https://anchor.fm/haven-hypnosis/episodes/Release–Relax–A-Free-Resource-from-Haven-Hypnosis–Wellness-ebubi4

The Wednesday Word is: CONTROL

As I meditated this morning, a quote from a book I read long ago kept coming into my thoughts: “Who controls the past controls the future…” , from George Orwell’s 1984. No matter how many times I acknowledged the quote it continued to float in and out of my consciousness. So, what I do when thought or image pierces my meditation practice is invite it to teach me, or show me clarity. Indeed, it did.

What I learned was something I already knew. Many of life’s lessons are like that. Who controls the past? No one. It already happened. It cannot be tampered with or altered. Who controls the future? We would like to think we do. However, the reality is the future is not certain nor guaranteed. So, that means we can control right now, present time, right? The answer, no. Not really.

The ONLY thing anyone has control over are thoughts, feelings and decisions. Certainly, each component affects the outcome of all that happens now, but are not the sum of the factors, meaning — no one person has total control of every situation.

The way I see it is you have two outcomes given this insight. The first, panic. You realize you are not in control, never in control and end up feeling bad, spiraling into the abyss… -OR- You can take comfort that some responsibility for your future, as well as your past, along with now are simply outside your level of expertise, not part of your job description, not all on you. In doing so, you allow the weight of the world to lift off your shoulders and you accept your place in this world, as it is, along with the things you are responsible for, thus allowing this new sense of peace and clarity to help you think better, feel better and make better decisions. You’re off the hook! You are no longer responsible for saving the world, curing the pandemic and fixing every part of the planet. Just know, whatever you decide to do, think or feel, for yourself, or decide not to do, think or feel right now, that of which is in your control, is ALL you can do, and that’s ok.

Control is overwhelming and overrated. In all seriousness, if you find yourself panicking, breathe. Know you have options. Though you may not have control, no one likes the outcome of the panic scenario. And though you may not like the outcome of letting go and letting God, so to speak, and doing only what you are capable of, I know it feels better and more in control than living within a panic state.

Relax. You are truly not alone. Many of us are frightened by the uncertainty. However, within the events of the past month I have witnessed unwavering human compassion, something the world truly needed and we hadn’t witnessed since September 11th. I have also witnessed humanity collapse, but seeing and experiencing the compassion gives me hope.

We cannot control what has already happened. We cannot control what may happen.

We can only show up as our best selves, daily. And right now, that’s everything.

The Wednesday Word is: STOP

The Wednesday Word is: STOP A lot has changed in a week. I firmly believe knowing the difference between being vigilant over hypervigilancy and inviting calm over hysteria is best practices for optimal Wellness, any day. It is good to be informed and aware and have a plan for care. However, before we go forward, we need to STOP and BREATHE, right now. Go ahead. I’ll wait. The reason some feel anxious about all this is:

1. Their reality and odds of getting sick

2. Concern for self and loved ones

3. Perception of the unknown or lack of control



Reality is, we can wash our hands, we can practice social distancing, we can sanitize every inch of ourselves and our surroundings and unfortunately, still get sick. From COVID-19 or something else. We may not be able to control if we are susceptible to getting sick now anymore than before, however, we always have control over how we respond and show up in our daily lives. Fear and panic cause our internal frequencies to lower, which aid in populating disease and illness. To best combat this: STOP and BREATHE, and raise your vibrations by being happy, joyful — driving away fear and negativity.

Use this as an opportunity to take inventory of your life and what you want most. Instead of panicking or being afraid, take heed of necessary precautions and STOP and look at this moment as a reset button for life. No one likes to be told what to do or that they cannot do something. I know. I’m one of those people. However, rather than be combative, cranky and annoyed I decided to STOP. I stopped and asked myself the following questions:

1. What is it I do not like?

2. What can I do about it?

If I could or needed to formulate an action plan for the answer to #2, I did. If there was nothing I could do about it, I let it go. Letting go takes faith. Having faith is hard when there is so much uncertainty and zero guarantees. So, maybe all you can do right now is STOP. Maybe all you can control right now is you. How you show up, how you allow this stillness to work for you, how to respond, when you need. All best practices we need to do anyway, every so often. Take this time to STOP and check in with yourself.





What do you hear externally?

What do you hear internally?

How do you feel?

What do you know? Not presume to know, but truly know.



Be still.

Do nothing.

Just be.

Don’t define it.

Don’t explain it.




Repeat as often as necessary.

You’re ok. <3

The Wednesday Word is: HYSTERIA or HYPERVIGILANCE 

Today’s Wednesday Word is actually two words: hysteria or hypervigilance. Two words because of varying view points.

By now, the word coronavirus has made it’s way into conversations or at the very least, your newsfeed. Every day there is a new statistic, meme, story to scare us and/or help us find humor amidst the horror. I do understand why the coronavirus is scary. It is the unknown. Know that within my viewpoint I do not take lightly the seriousness nor the lives tragically already lost. However, I think back into history to all the times humans were made to believe something and enacted standards in the name of hypervigilancy, when in fact, hysteria caused unnecessary grief, stress and in some cases, trauma. I’m also aware certain governments are not beneath using people they find dispensable for political gain. Believe it or not, this is a sad reality.

From 1932 to 1972, 600 Black sharecroppers in Alabama were told they qualified for free health care from the U.S. federal government. This was largely a farce. The U.S. government infected a portion of these men with syphilis and made them unknowing human Guinea pigs. The CDC reports show these men were told they were being treated for blood disorders, experimented on, etc. – the Tuskegee Study was one of the biggest violations of ethics in U.S. medical history.

In 1984, a 13 year old hemophiliac was given a blood transfusion, something standard protocol for his ailment. It was during one said transfusion in 1984 he contracted HIV and subsequently, AIDS. Before passing away in 1990, Ryan White and his family were plagued by the downfall of hysteria of the unknown. The little they did know caused a vicious cycle of global panic. This family, enduring this disease and dying of their loved one, and endured such viciousness and vile hatred. People made death threats against this boy and his family in the name of an illness he could not have prevented. Amidst all this were political shifts and the Exxon Valdez crisis. One can wonder if the call for hypervigilance was to deflect the hysteria of lack of action amidst crisis.

SARS was introduced to the U.S. in 2003. According to the CDC, “March 24: CDC laboratory analysis suggests a new coronavirus may be the cause of SARS. In the United States, 39 suspect cases (to date) had been identified. Of those cases, 32 of 39 had traveled to countries were SARS was reported.” So, this hysteria of the “unknown” coronavirus is a farce. They’ve been working on protocols for 17 years. What else was going on in March 2003? We were headed for heightened combat with Iraq and preparing to drop a bomb on Baghdad.

Ebola came on the scene in 2014 to 2016, when the U.S. was at the peak of fighting ISIS. And no matter if it’s Zika (2015- peak of gun violence), H1N1 (2009 – first Black US. President), MERS (2014- Ukraine/Crimea), whatever and regardless if government if trying to distract our attention from something bigger, or not, one thing is certain: We cannot control EVERYTHING!

We can stock up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer and sadly, die in our homes from a tragic carbon monoxide poisoning incident. We can check the mailbox and be met an unfortunate accident by a distracted driver. And if history is repeating itself, it may just be a not-so-new disease and a new spin to dejecting another race or subset of humans. Do your best to live as healthfully as possible. Don’t give in to all the hype. Breathe. Relax. We will be ok. We are ok.

I am not worried and if anyone should be, it’s me. I am among the group who could potentially be at risk. Having an autoimmune disease puts you in this category, and having two or three leaves you more susceptible than most. I’m not panicked, hysterical or hypervigilant, any more than I need to be in daily life. My philosophy is this: sadly, we are all going to die from something and there is not a damn thing any of us can do to stop that day when our expiration date is here.

Life is not guaranteed. We can be vigilant in handwashing and not shaking hands and yet, somehow still get sick. Quite possibly, the stress of worry from mass hysteria is a bigger threat to you than the coronavirus itself. Do your due diligence to live as healthfully as you can. That is all you can do. No amount of vaccines, Lysol, Purell, or Charmain are going to ensure your wellness. If history tells us anything, our government cannot ensure our wellness, either. Make good choices for yourself daily, and just live. Live each moment, mindfully and with good intentions. You’ll be better for it, in the long and short run.

The Wednesday Word is: COMPANIONSHIP 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, companionship is, “a feeling of fellowship or friendship.” For some, we imagine companionship as a visual of sharing time or space with a friend, partner, pet or even a plant. Companionship is an easy, reciprocal process without effort. Just being in the presence of that friend, partner, pet or plant is enough to bring joy into your deepest depths. Sometimes just hearing their voice suffices and add comfort to your day (if your pets and plants talk back, send videos, please!). All of this is well enough and good, but recall I stated companionship is reciprocal and without effort. In order for this to be true, you must begin with the self. Your first friend and companion.

Spend time getting to know yourself. What do you like, dislike, tolerate or cannot stand for? These standards help align your core values. It also helps your people, pets and yes, plants, to know if you are their people. Commonality is the first core of companionship; compassion is the second. You must get right with yourself and own these two important core values for yourself in order to attract the right companions.

Spend some quality time with your first companion: yourself. It will make the bonds with each companion sweeter and richer. You’ll be glad you did. Spending time with yourself and loving yourself first allows you to abundantly and authentically share those qualities with others. And isn’t that what life is about?

If you find you spend a lot of time alone and really seek companionship, perhaps your focus is more about receiving compassion and care and what you can get from others, instead of what you can do for yourself. Take time to reflect on how you can best use your time alone to learn more about the great qualities you possess and to work on the less than stellar qualities that you wish to change and grow from. This work is often not without a lot of effort, commitment and sometimes, pain. However, you are worth getting to know. So make the commitment to yourself, first. The rest will fall into place on the Universal timetable.

Some people are alone virtually all their lives, either out of desire, need – because they just don’t like to socialize, or because seeking companionship is difficult for them. I believe these folks are put here to teach some of us the art of compassion. If you know someone who seems isolated, ask them to coffee or lunch. Take 30 minutes of your life to be their companion, if it is mutually agreeable to do so. Maybe they can show you how to love yourself more or, maybe you can show them the companionship they deeply desire.

What can you do today to bond more with your first companion? How can you explore enhancing companionship in a positive and compassionate way?