Perception VS Intention

One Way To Get Healthy: Perception VS Intention

One way people can stay healthy is to deal with negativity better.  Not everyone is positive and upbeat all the time.  However, we can choose our battles. Whether we ‘fight or flight’ is up to us.  Perception is key in most any situation. The way you perceive something may not be the same as the intent that was behind it.


For example: Same situation. View one with perception and view two with intent.


 View One: It’s Monday and your boss comes in and starts asking you where the report is she asked you for on Friday. However on Friday she asked you to do a stats report for her and have it finished and to her by END of day Monday, its’10am. You get upset because your mind thinks that you missed something and are in trouble and panic sets in and you begin to second guess yourself.


View Two: Your boss comes in after having a bill collector call her before she left the house this morning and asks her where her payment is for her gas bill. She is frantic and upset because she is having financial difficulties and she got side tracked and forgot to pay it Friday.  She comes in worried about her gas bill and the tone she intended for the bill collector comes out on you.


 Did she intend to be upset with you? No, she is upset at herself and it comes out in other ways. She knows she didn’t ask for it until end of day but hoped that something would go right on Monday morning and that maybe you got it done ahead of time…with me so far?


The perception was that you were in trouble and your reaction was to second guess yourself. The intention was part wishful thinking on your boss’ part and part frustration from an incident that had nothing to do with you. You were not the intended target of her bitterness.


 Bottom line is: never second guess yourself. Stick to your guns. Bear in mind that perception is only 50% of a situation.