Love Yourself Anyway

I was moved to tears a few weeks ago during American Idol. Katy Perry asked a contestant, Demi, why she hadn’t pursued a career in music. Demi stated, “because she doesn’t look like other girls…” Ms. Perry went on to give her the best reply, “There’s probably not someone that looks like you because you’re supposed to be the one that looks like you,” Katy told Demi. “That influences all the girls that look like you that don’t feel like they look like anyone else.”

Thank you, Katy, for giving not just girls, all people, inspiration to be courageous enough to be themselves.

Despite what anyone says, despite how you stack yourself up against anyone, just be you… and love yourself anyway.

This is me, age 17…with hair no one understood, with a style that made people shake their heads and dreamy ideas no one thought I would achieve.

This isn’t even my dog and a week before this picture, one side of my hair was longer than the other as I tried to fit in with the 1980s punk rock/skater crowd. Being someone I wasn’t didn’t work for me. The girl in this picture was barely me. I came to accept the true version of me, flaws and all. I’m a better person because of it.

Be you.

Love you.

Do you.

I promise, the rest will fall into place, eventually, if you’re brave enough to dare to just be you.


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