The Wednesday Word is…

Sometimes a word comes easily. Sometimes I have to meditate on it longer, rest within it and let it be. Sometimes I pick a word and hope something insightful happens. Today, nothing. Not the word nothing, no words came to me to meditate upon, no message…

I thought about complacency.

I thought about injustice.

I thought about inhumanity.

I thought about my family.

I thought Jesus himself is probably shaking his head at how our world hasn’t changed much.

Then, I thought about nothing.

Eventually, the thoughts wafted away.

Nothing. Not quiet. Not words. Not stillness. Not clarity or tranquility.

Just. Nothing. In a way only nothing can be.

Nothing I thought seemed significant, yet quite significant at the same time.

Nothing I felt seemed significant, yet significant at the same time.

Words are just words.

What matters is when the dust settles,

and you’re alone with it the nothingness,

and you accept the nothingness,

and it quiets the storm within and beyond, for the slightest of a moment…

and you know alone isn’t lonely.

Alone let’s you know you.

Alone let’s you be ok with how you feel, what you feel or let’s you do none of it, and that is ok, too.

Without thought.

Without feelings.

Without judgment.

Just being.


And, it’s not nothing and I am not a nothing.

But this…this is everything.

In. This. Moment. Now.

And, for now, that’s all I need.

Experience nothing today.

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