A Poem by N. Knople


Silent beads of essential life fall softly to the earth.

The hypnotic patter, awakening and caressing vibrations which comfort my soul.

As the rain intensifies, my energy, my soul remains tranquil – wanting to lie upon the grass and let the showers of our mother cleanse and baptize me anew. Not me, for the sake of me, my desire, my prayers, not solely for me, but for the forsaken ,and for all humanity – to be rid of disease and despair in this heavenly place…

To be removed of sin, sickness, and self-righteousness…judgments and injustices…trespass and torture…

How is it God the Divine creates such comfort and knows such peace, and how, oh how does the viral vital testament of humanity exist within it?

As the rain cascades and softens once more, drenching the earth, quenching all it touches, nurturing nature, I am in awe and ever aware, even the softness can turn to fervent, unpredictable calamity.

As the gentle rain sweeps midst gales, across the land in a fury of gusts and the velocity and volume of waters intensifies and shifts, becoming chaos within and beyond.

And now, what was so gentle and peaceful has become the loom of uncertainty, weaving the prayers for wellness and justice from nature’s thread and bead.

As quickly… quite suddenly, rather, the torrential downpour trickles…

The solitude appears in the storm and the earth we knew forever changed.

And no one noticed…

N. Knople


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