Six Steps To Gaining Self-Worth

Step One




1.  Being in control of your own behavior.  Stop blaming others for all the reasons your life has gone wrong and move on.  Only you can change you.


2.  Being trusted with important jobs.  Part of being responsible is being able to start a task and see it through to the finish.  Every job is important.  Remember that.  From the fry cook to the fireman and the peanut seller to the President.  We all have a purpose.


3.  Having your work finished on time.  Again, start to finish.  No space in between.  When you procrastinate you become stagnate. 

4.  Doing your part when working together.  Being responsible means its time to grow up and stop putting everything off on others and taking the credit.  For example:  You still live at home with Mom and you lean on her for every thing in your life and you’re 30.  When you are going to do your part and live your life and let Mom live hers?


Step Two




1.  Treating others the way you want to be treated.  The Golden Rule.  It’s simple.  You’ve heard the saying, “What goes around comes around.”  It’s karma.  If it happened to another, it’s could happen to you and if it happened to another because of you, it WILL happen to you, eventually. 

2.  Showing kindness and consideration.  Stop cursing in public.  Have manners. No one has manners anymore.  People curse, act out and are rude just to be that way or to gain a reaction from others.  Be polite.  Home is for whatever you do behind closed doors. Use common sense.  If you wouldn’t act that way in front of your mother then just don’t.


3.  Liking yourself enough to be yourself.  Does being yourself mean acting out like in the above?  Perhaps you think so, most likely its putting on a front for something you refuse to deal with properly.  Look in the mirror.  What do you see?  Is the person looking back you or just a shell of what God intended?



4.  Accepting others for who they are.  WOW!  Can anyone REALLY do that?  Yes, anyone can.  Some people in life are just crotchety and bitter and they are convinced that nothing in life can or will change that.  If they can accept that, so can you. 

Does that mean you have to include that person in every aspect of your life?  No.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder I have heard.  Whether that be another state or another state of mind.  Accepting them for who they are and knowing you can only change you will save you a lot of stress.  If they go their entire lives and they never catch on to the fact that they do not have to be that way.  It’s sad, yes.  But its their life.  Live yours!


Step Three




1.  Saying nice things and sharing compliments.  Don’t wait for someone to say something nice to you.  You start.  Trust me when I say, there is satisfaction in letting others know when they are appreciated or when they look nice or they do something well. 

2.  Being considerate, kind and respectful in all your actions.  Again, you are in charge of you.  No one can make you feel something.  No one can make you do something.  You have a choice to confront (and there are times where that will be necessary) and there are times when you need to walk away.  Choose your battles.  Sometimes saying nothing can be the most forceful thing of all.


3.  Lending a helping hand to those around you.  The only time you should ever look down upon a person is if you are giving them a hand up.


4.  Being the person others can count on.  That does not mean you have to run out there and save every soul you encounter.  Knowing you have integrity and heart are two characteristics that will enforce your self-worth. 

Step Four




1.  Achieving goals through commitment and hard work.  No one is going to hand you anything in life and if you’re lucky, they won’t.  There is something very uplifting about achieving a goal that you stuck with, never gave up on until you got it.  Having it given to you takes the blessing and the lesson out of getting there.


2.  Giving your best in everything you chose to do.  Give your 110%.  If you have done everything within your power and you still are not even close to being where you had hoped, re-assess your goal.  Maybe you need to break it down in to smaller steps to be able to achieve it.  Sometimes we see the finish line and set our goal plan to fly when we can only afford to walk.  We want to hurry up and get there and we forget that change takes time.


3.  Trying without giving up or giving in.  There may be times when things are not going according to plan and that’s ok.  It’s part of the lesson.  You will not know the whole lesson until you have reached the intended goal.  Never give up or give in.  RE-assess the situation.  Take a step back in order to go around the road block.  Detours are life’s way of showing us that there’s more than one path to go.


4.  Making the most of any situation.  Living life instead of letting it live you.  Living for YOU instead of all those around you.  Laugh at yourself.  It’s the best medicine there is.


Step Five




1.  Being truthful to others.  What point is there to lie about anything.  The Laws of the Universe come back to bite you in the butt eventually.  And besides, you spend more time and energy focused on the lie and how to keep it going by adding to it and making it seem real than it would have to just be truthful in the beginning.  Only in truth are there any real details and you don’t have to make them up.  You just have to remember.


2.  Being truthful to yourself.  Same as above.  See things for what they REALLY are.  There is nothing wrong with seeing things how you would like them to be and setting forth some action to make that your reality.  Live in the now.


3.  Doing what’s right regardless of who’s around.  That is the definition of INTEGRITY.  Something a lot of people lack.  What are your beliefs?  What do you stand firm on?  Being a person of integrity should be on that list.


4.  Being someone others can trust.  What a concept!  Trust issues 80% of the time come NOT from being able to trust others, it comes from lack of trust within.  If YOU can’t trust you, how can anyone else?


Step Six




1.  Making every decision count.  Moments in life will happen where we might not be able to make a decision carefully.  But we must make it count.  The end result is just as important as the process it takes to get there.


2.  Thinking everything through responsibly.  As in the above example, moments in life may arise and we may think irrationally.  Try to weigh the pros and cons in any situation when possible to gain clarity on the situation.


3.  Exercising your freedom to choose.  One of your civil liberties.  If you choose not to choose, do you still make that choice?  Choices are the one thing no one can take away from you.  I hear people say, “I had no choice”.  Sure, you always have choices.  The outcomes may not always be ideal from choices that can be made versus choices that are made.  But you still have a choice.


4.  Deciding what is right and doing it.  Taking the slogan from Nike (TM) ‘JUST DO IT’  Whatever IT is.  Would you rather spend your life getting stagnant and living in a rut of total darkness and decay or live a life of color and promise and hope for a better tomorrow because YOU got up and got out of bed and DID something.  Anything.  If all you did was get up, you did something and that choice was yours to make and you made it.


Peace, love, light, LIBERTY AND CHOICES  to you all.


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