My Suicide Story

September is Suicide Prevention Month. I have felt for some time it is important to share my story. Now is a good a time as any. Most people see this confident, outgoing woman who has her life together…

And I am… now. What many of you don’t know is at age 12, I tried to commit suicide, thankfully unsuccessfully. Something inside me wanted to stop the hurt I had endured for the previous three years. I was being abused physically, emotionally and sexually. That hurt did not stop for many years after that. I struggled with confidence issues for years and the stress that came along with it. That hurt child inside me, crying for help would try again at age 26. It was then Hypnosis entered my life.

I sought alternative care because I felt it was a last resort. Nothing else worked. I found a hypnotherapist in the Yellow Pages. I had never been hypnotised before. However, I was willing to give it a chance because I wasn’t exactly living. What did I have to lose? I needed help understanding the hurt child inside me. Rev. Retha Martin was the key to understanding how to heal that hurt child and help me live the life I deserve. Eventually, I would follow her lead and become a hypnotist, helping others life the lives they deserve.

Years later, I would later be diagnosed with several autoimmune ailments, one right after the other, and Hypnosis was there. Hypnosis was there last year, too, when one autoimmune ailment would wreak havoc on my mind, body and spirit. By then, I had a quality clinical counselor who helped keep me stay on course.

A clinical counselor? You’re a hypnotist and you see a counselor? Yes, because I am also not a hypocrite. I work daily to walk my talk. There is NO SHAME in seeking traditional nor non-traditional assistance in living your best life. That is the way it should be. Once I started helping myself, I was better able to understand the role of that hurt child. Hypnosis didn’t make her go away. Neither did counseling. Hypnosis and counseling helped me understand the purpose and showed me how to move beyond the pain.When I did that, I started living for me. I was able to truly live.

Do I still have bad days? Sure. I just refuse to stay in those moments. Today I thrive on learning, loving and living! Living for me not only changed my stinkin’ thinkin’, it changed my body’s reaction to my outside world — it changed EVERYTHING.

Once you permit all parts of you – body, mind and spirit – to living the life you deserve, your light shines brighter! When your light shines brighter you become a beacon. That beacon attracts what you put out. YOU determine what your light attracts; bugs or boats. Maybe both, for different reasons. Only you know. Once I started living for me, my business picked up, my relationships got better, my focus became clearer and my health improved drastically. Where once I was on nine different meds to aid my autoimmune symptoms, I am now on one. I see my doctor only once a year and have not needed to see my rheumatologist in 5 years. I take supplements and eat the best I can, which staves off my symptoms. I AM living the life I deserve!

Hypnosis helped me tremendously, and so did surrounding myself with the RIGHT PEOPLE. From my husband, to my pastor, family, friends, doctor, counselor, rheumatologist, trainer, massage therapist, hypnotist, Reiki master, assistant, colleagues/wellness professionals — and last but never least, my clients… the list is long and each worthy individual fulfills a purpose to helping me live better and be better.

So, if I can overcome, you can too. Believe me, there is HOPE and it DOES get BETTER! I had to distance myself from those who continued to hurt me and gravitate closer to those I had been living for. Each person worthy of living for them, but until I put myself first, I kept treading water in a cesspool of darkness. I couldn’t see the hands reaching to help me up until I removed the hands knocking me down. Only then was I able to live the life I TRULY deserve. So, are you ready to live the life you deserve? If so, let me know how I can help. If I can survive and really live, so can you. Let me help you live the life you so richly deserve.

Thanks for letting me share my story. I hope it helps you understand you are never alone. Haven Hypnosis can help! 419-577-8484 Calls and emails 100% confidential.

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